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Not downloading at all, but Tix*** is


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Using Utorrent  3.5.4  build 44520

Everything seems to be fine, except that torrents no longer DOWNLOAD

They just sit there at 0%  with a status of "finding peers"

My UPLOADING is working fine, so I am seeding a lot of files. 

For the fast few days, I have been using TIX*** to get the downloads, and then doing a "force recheck" to import them into Utorrent.  

I don't like using Tix*** because it is extremely bare bones and other than downloading is very user unfriendly and lacks functionality. 

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YES.. the slackware torrent DID download...   why would that one work while my others do not?


It's strange.  I've used Utorrent for years and never had this problem

Torrents no longer download at all with my Utorrent, but when I load them with Tix*** they do download.

I can then import them by re-checking them with Utorrent, and they successfully upload / seed.  



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The problem was not a setting, but the transfers were being "jammed" due to an error.

The error was due to files being moved to their final location, but  the location remained the same..  so it kept looking for files that were no longer where expected.  That probably happened because the database was out of sync with the moved files.. possibly due to a temporary disconnect from the external hard drive. 

Anyway.. the FIX is to STOP all torrents.. That will reveal which torrents are in an error state and fix the problem.  After the problem is fixed, you can re-check the error torrents - moving files manually if necessary - and start or Force Start whatever torrents you want.  

I would suggest a fix for this since very few people will find the solution.  

-- Whenever Utorrent is exited, it should automatically stop all torrents (or otherwise check for missing files) and then restart the torrents.. and then shut down... forcing the database to be in a "valid" state.  


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