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how to remove utweb from startup?


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after installing and using the utorrent web, I uninstalled it within a day.

it was good but heavy on my ram (4gb ram only), as i already keep few pages open all the time, i felt that it will slow down my pc along with browsing so

i uninstall it.  Once uninstalling this and installing the classic one, i notice my starting and shutting down have slow down and occasionally pc slowness sometimes. Maybe due i did not restarted before installing the classic one.

when i was checking i found that in start-up they is    "utweb" program with blank in publisher. I disabled it, .  once i checked online it said to be utorrent web. So the utorrent web i used left a marking that isnt going away. 

now how can i get that utweb remove completely from my desktop.


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I'm sorry. I don't know what the Program entry is related to.

I also don't know what those "character entries" refer to. Some look like Chinese characters. The one under Control Panel looks like it was supposed to include "third-party_product".

I'd do some deeper digging before remove anything further regarding those.

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