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1.6 caused Speed drops of 90% SLOWER & Disconects all Net connections


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my upload & download speeds have Dropped 90% of the speed I can upload & download with Version 1.5 ???

as well when ever i use 1.6 it keeps disconecting me from the net & multiple reconnects ???

i have been using uTorrent since it was first released & never had a problem with any other version yet. but when ever i use 1.6 i get bugs as stated above... BUT when i re-start it & use 1.5 everything is fine.

i am using windows XP, US Robotics Router USR8054, D-Link DSL 300l modem & Telus.net ISP.

other than that i am very very frustrated with version 1.6 PLUS many many sites i use have banned 1.5 since the 1.6 "so called stable" version has been released.... so that leaves me S.O.L

Please help & fix bugs.


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Not sure what these 3 are ???

Do you have a PFW?

Have you altered net.max_halfopen?

Did you patch tcpip.sys?

Yes I did this for I never us UPnP & always disable it

Did you try disabling UPnP?

please explain a bit more on the others please.


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PFW is personal firewall.

net.max_halfopen is a setting in the advanced options.

If you use XP SP2, you can't raise this value without patching tcpip.sys to raise the 10 half-open connection limit.

;) ;) ;)

i do have nor use a firewall (xp turned off)

i don't use sp2 only sp1.

sp2 sux.


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