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This is probably a very simple question, I have two PC's both with uTorrent 3.5.4 / 44632. On one of them, there is a 'Health' icon which shows up between the 'Status' and 'Download Speed' headers when I am downloading a torrent, on the other PC that 'Health' icon is missing and I can't see a way to get it to display ? I have tried stretching the other headers to see if it had just been minimised and hidden, but it just doesn't seem to be anywhere in the header list, does it have to be added from somewhere ?  I have attached two photos, one from the PC showing the icon and one from my other PC without it.

Thanks in advance.

Health icon.JPG

Missing health icon 2.JPG

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12 hours ago, DreadWingKnight said:

Right-click a column header you have to allow you to enable one you don't

Many thanks for your help, I knew there would be a simple answer, but I just couldn't find it :rolleyes:

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