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How Do We Use Utorrent With VPN?


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I use utorrent with ipvanish but sometimes it keeps on losing its connection.

It automatically reconnects but I wonder what happens during all this and afterwards.

Does utorrent make a 'normal' connection when the vpn disconnects? 

And if it does then does it continue to use that path after the reconnection?

And can we manage this behaviour?



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It's not a vpn problem.

Simple question about the behaviour of utorrent.

I think it will reveal the true origin IP as soon as vpn goes down.

There used to be something we could do about that - setting utorrent so's it would stop if the vpn stopped.

There was, as I remember, a switch we could set specifically designed for it, right there in utorrent. Unless my memory is at fault and it was elsewhere but I don't think so.


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probably not where to post this.  but was looking for info on a similar subject. 

how to manage utorrent if my vpn drops.  I use pia vpn with the swiss server and it drops every day or 2.

in utorrent i have been 'binding' my ip to my vpn......setting my ipv4 internal ip address in the advanced settings, net.bind.ip and net.outgoing.ip.  this definitely kills all utorrent connections when vpn drops.

was wondering if there was a better way to do this....more automatted?

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