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Metadata not "loading"


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System Windows 10
utorrent (free) 3.5.5 [but also occured on uTorrent (Ad Free) 3.5.3]

Tried this .Torrent about 3 weeks ago.
It Stuck on Metadata as here.
Cleared the torrent reloaded.
Cleared Utorrent of all torrents and deleted the C:\Users\Mois\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\resume.dat file.
Loaded the .torrent again
Loaded new version of utorrent

Nothing shifts this *%@@^> thing.
Anyone else cured this or similar problem.

(And yes I reloaded the torrent from the Piratebay magnet not just from my storred torrent.)1327190686_23-03-201914-33-03.thumb.jpg.c95feaee742d566ed5a478b4f378b9de.jpg


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