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Really weird oscillation of download speeds


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I have a WRT54G router with HYPERWRT. I loaded the script to fix the really old connections on P2P applications, and that had helped my download speed a lot. Also, I have sucessfully forwarded utorrent through my router and have not had any problems recently. However, today, I started downloading a 2.6 GB file, and it started off ok, then went up to the fairly ridiculous speed of about 600 kb/s for that one file, but the speed quickly droppd down to about 100 kb/s for about a minute, but then it jumped right up again. It is a very regular, repeating pattern, which has been going on for about the last hour. Does anyone know what this could be? I took a screenshot of the download monitor. It recently got up to about a steady 200 kb/s, but you can see two of the jumps, which repeated very regularly for a long time before


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I had that problem for a bit. Then, as I was playing around with my RWIN and noticed the settings weren't sticking, I realized my TCP/IP Stack was screwed.

So I reset the TCP/IP stack back to default, and then re-applied my RWIN settings.

Now I get smooth constant speeds such as this:


If you're interested, in a DOS command prompt type in netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

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