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in my settings, what can cause a peer not to upload

Steve Sybesma

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I'm using uTorrent 3.5.5 beta.

I have 95% of an extremely large torrent but it's slowed to an absolute crawl.

Someone else has been in the list of peers for weeks and has 100% but is not allowing downloads (very rarely and only for very short periods).

Other people are downloading from me like crazy (speeds above 1MB at times).

Is there a way to skew my settings so that peer's Deluge v1.3.15 client will finally loosen up and let me download all the time and not just short periods?

Perhaps the best question I can ask and one that can be used to create a sticky:

What things make my client's activity most favorable to peers whose clients will then be more willing to upload to me?

I didn't see this one in the pinned postings.


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Does "Availability" column show as 1.0 or larger? Does your connection show as utp or tcp to this pear? Have you checked that your own port is open (and not blocked by  your firewall/router)?

In general, you cannot control the remote pear, it's up to him...


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