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Torrents Have Stopped Downloading


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Hi. I seem to by having problems downloading torrents and can't figure out the issue. I have downloaded using utorrent successfully for some time with out any issues, however I went to download a torrent yesterday (on my windows 10 laptop i normally use) and the torrent got stuck at connecting to peers. I tried a number of different torrents including some that i had previously downloaded and knew worked but got the same problem each time. In frustration i then tried on the utorrent app on my android smartphone to see if it was just my laptop but that had the same issue. I was on a new wifi network so assumed it was ISP related so over the last day i have tried connecting to different wifis operated by different ISPs, ive also tried with and without my VPN and with the firewall switched off. All of this amounts to no improvement. 

If somebody could give some advise on things to try it would be appreciated.

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