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uTorrent is checking incomplete torrents on restarting | HDD getting hogged


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Hi there,


  I am use uTorrent for downloading files and am its huge fan. Lately, I am facing trouble with it. Hope someone can help.


 Whenever I switch OFF my PC, I pause all torrents getting downloaded. When I restart the PC later and switch on uTorrent, all the incomplete files mandatorily undergo checking. Previously when I used to pause and close uTorrent, on restarting the PC and uTorrent, there was no file checking.

 How can I disable this file checking?  I suppose it is not required since I pause the incomplete torrents before switching OFF the PC. The graceful shutdown switch is set to TRUE and DMA is enabled for all channels (at Device Manager à ATA/ATAPI controllers à ATA Channel 0 and Channel1 à Advanced Properties tab). This file rechecking activity is hogging down my PC HDD for 2-3 mins. every time I switch it ON.

My hardware and software config is as follows:

Pentium Core 2 Quad /4 GB DDR2 RAM/ 1TB SATA HDD/ Windows 7 Professional 64 bit


Any tips will be thankfully acknowledged. Looking forward to your comments.


Thanks and Regards,

Arvind Gupta.

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Can you try this: after you do your pause, wait 3 minutes, and only then exit and reboot/restart?

Make sure you see "resume.dat" file being updated by utorrent on your disc once after you pause, and before you exit.

BTW, what Windows OS version do you have, and do you us a standard utorrent installation or "standalone" (exe + settings in the same place in some private path)

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