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µTorrent no longer downloads now.


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For a week now, my µTorrent has stopped working, that is to say, it no longer downloads any of the files in progress. Recently I switched to the Pro version µTorrent 3.5.5. Build 45798. I expected the download would be more efficient. Some had started downloading, others stayed on the "peer connection".

The configuration drawn from the web and in particular YouTube, was previously very satisfactory with high loading performance. Recently, I also went through the µTorrent plug-in for Chrome installation procedure and configured the web UI by enabling the interface. I also did the Trackers update.

Despite these adjustments, unlike about 15 days ago, no download is done although

It is to say, that I have accomplished most of the recommendations found on the web. Unfortunately my attempts were unsuccessful.

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I'm sorry that my settings are between "terrible" and "the worst". It was the only way I could find to help me get an optimal setup.

So what will you suggest to me to correct these errors? I tried to follow properly the setup guide of the link you gave me but it doesn’t exit any more. Thank you in advance.


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