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Proxy Being Bypassed


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I am using uTorrent 2.0.2 with a Socks 5 proxy. I have used this same proxy address for a few months each time checking it is still working before linking a torrent. I have never had issues in the past.
I test the proxy with two torrent proxy checkers and they confirm the proxy IP appears, not my own IP.
Yet, I recently received notice through my ISP that a media company contacted them indicating my true IP was used to DL media. Again I checked with the proxy checker and everything looked fine.
What am I missing? Is it because I have used the same proxy address even though it appears to be working? If a proxy address is used over time can it be used to trace the true IP? is it best to use a new proxy address each time?

uTorrent Proxy.jpg

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What you missed is this extra;


207.##.##.##4:1080   ---- in the first box , then the second should be as is but make sure there are no spaces before 1080. Otherwise the proxy will not work correctly. Make sure your Ramdom port is at least above 60000. I read that somewhere but don't recall where but I always make sure my ports are above that number.

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