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utorrent disconnetct my wifi when not in use


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Hello all.

I have a problem with my wifi connection when i DONT USE utorrent!

I cant find any topics about this problem, all topics describe same problem when utorrent is in use.

What happens to me is that I keep on disconnecting from WiFi when i stop using utorrent. I usually stop it by left click and exit. When i do this after a while my wifi disconnects and i have to restart my laptop. After restarting if i exit utorrent again, same problem happens.

It took me 3 weeks to find out that this was my problem with my wifi. So for a couple weeks I used my laptop with utorrent working. Everything worked smooth... no disconnecting again! Then I thought i should remove it from starting when laptop starts, because i dont want it running. So i disabled it from starting when starting the laptop... and the problem began again...

Any guesses of what is happening here? It drives me mad! 

I am using Win 10 Pro


SSD hard Drive

Forgive me for my english!

Waiting for your responses!

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utorrent is bandwidth hungry so unless your router allows how much bandwidth  torrent gets it will take all available bandwidth. So check your router setting for QOS allocation bandwidth and there is where you can determine utorrent bandwidth allocations. This is something that's known for utorrent so unless you give the allocation it will be default take with is available to use.

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