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I can't get rid of NV Firewall... PLEASE help me


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I have searched through the forum before posting this.... I went through an entire process trying to get rid of the NVIDIA Access Manager and I just can't. I really need help here.

Here is me trying to remove NAM...


Here is me uninstalling all NVIDIA drivers...


Here is me not re-installi8ng the network drivers


Here is uTorrent saying my DLL is still there...



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Format C maybe?


regarding comment below

no, my advise was serious!

If this fu.....(nny) software is so crap that deinstallation does not work and the guy has no clue how to delete a .dll by hand, then get rid of the whole installation with this crap software is the most simple solution.

(As a smart user he has made various images of his operating system at different stages of softwareinstallations so that the rebuild process is just a matter of a handfull of minutes of course) :P

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