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what happened to torrent???


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This is ROUGH. What has happened to utorrent.

I haven't use this in awhile. I am unable to sign into my account.

I thought it was a password issue and asked to send a rest .... TWICE!!!!

I NEVER received one.

And why CHROME??? Their web search SUCKS. What happened to utorrent web search??

Now webtorrent. All these seem to be interested in adding apps I don't want rather than give service.

The RARBG is also crap, Again I have not had this issue before ... being directed to RARBG as if they are the best option. Again, is utorrent getting kick backs.

I don't know what to do. Utorrent isn't responding to my emails so I am here. Hopefully someone on this forum well be able to help. Or perhaps a utorrent guru.

What is going on???

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