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My Download Speed Is Locked at 100kb/s

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Hello I ve been having this problem for a long time now , my download speed speed in any torrent software is always locked at 100kb/s for some reasons when i use direct link its 1mb/s i did some testing and all but nth really worked , i tried this command in cmd netstat -bn and those are the results is that normal ?

  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52505     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52507       TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52508     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52515    TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52516     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52524       TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52531      LAST_ACK
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52543     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52552        TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52553      TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52558    TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52559     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52567     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52568     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52569     TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52584        TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52585        TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52587        TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52588        TIME_WAIT
  TCP    (IP ADDRESS):52589        TIME_WAIT

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Screenshot of the actual issue? Just this screenshot doesn't tell anyone what really happening.

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