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WoW. If you seed torrents just for the sole reason to earn some BTT - then the smart choice is to stop. Withdrawal of tokens is currently disabled, there isn't any official info since 18th of March and price is constantly dropping. There is some actual code push, that looks like Binance integration on the way. However there isn't any clear indicator that it will work properly or work at all in the end. So if you seed only to earn some BTT, it's better to stop your clients from running, at least until they enable the exchange service and transfers to on-chain. 
As far as I could dig into the code, there isn't anything unusual about it - however that doesn't guarantee that those few lines of code will ever be integrated and released, it could just be some automatic order generation to dump their tokens onto BTT/BNB pair on Binance. - This is just speculation tho' I'm not putting my head on the table. 

I'm still seeding, however the option for Speed Initialization is turned off. Where I'm from torrents are widely popular - so there is always Need for Seed. I seed for the benefit of others. BTT earnings were just nice bonus for my effort. This ain't the case anymore but whatever. 

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