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Dear translators,

As you have waited so long for any updates on uTS - we have an update there with the build 46196 which is one of the latest builds of uTorrent. With some help from Poland it was possible to get that thing working again and add the new build with all the changed text. The last update on uTS was from december 2016 ...

If you find any errors there - please stay calm :)

I had to find out how things are working there and perhaps there are still some text's missing or other issues - just report. BTW: build 43086 was just a test at uTS from my side, it never existed!

If you want to start or restart as translator, just contact me here in the forums. What I need from you is the language you want to translate, your username and an email address to send you the password for accessing https://translate.utorrent.com/index.php

For a new username you have to register in the forums before, otherwise you have no "ID" (the no. you can see in the browser when you watch your profile).

ALL users on uTS which had not logged in to uTS in the last years have been removed there. If there was a language with only one user that one has been kept.


Regards, schnurlos

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Can I ask if it is yet possible to test the translation file downloaded from uTS (eg. utorrent.exe.lang.sl.txt) and copied to uTorrent folder? I think that it is not, but don't have inspected a lot.

Thank you!

EDIT: I discover that work if I remove language code, so work with utorrent.exe.lang.txt

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