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Seeding vs Finished in uTorrent


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Hi all,

After torrenting, it will usually shows "seeding". And I know what seeding means. But sometimes, it shows "Finished" .

Does this means it's done seeding (If that is even possible), or it just means that there is no peers? 

For "Finished", the Seed/Peers ratio shows an infinity sign. So do you guys think it ok if I remove the torrent or is it still consider "despicable" ?

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By default when it completes it re-seeds automatically. It should show you on the utorrent display seeding section. I don't recall what it looks like but it moves to the seeding section when it's completed. Removing completed torrents is up to each individual user but sometimes one has hardware limits and removing doesn't mean anything bad. Each user has a limited resource. But if you don't remove the torrent from the seeding section the next time you startup the torrent will re-seed. But the choice of what you do will be each own choice to make.

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