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Updates disabled, but still downloads updates


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I have everything under UPDATES unchecked... yet, everytime I run a virus scan it always finds update files under ...\utorrent\updates

It reads as a bundle installer/ possible adware... but doesn't matter if harmful or not, if disabled everything for updates, then why do I keep finding new files under the updates folder?

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Right now, 3.5.5 (build 46304)

Last night I deleted everything (files/folders) under user/appdata/roaming/utorrent/updates

Today, turned on my PC and opened utorrent, and within a few minutes I checked and now there is a file 3.5.5_46304.exe, and a folder 3.5.5_46304, inside the folder is utorrentie.exe.

Same build, but why does it show up?

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To be clear, if you do actually run 46304 it will create it's own backup-exe and ditectory under updates (with *ie web helper file). IF you see a newer version replacing yours when uodates are disabled - onklly then it's a bug...

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