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Minimize download slots


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Every peer or seed you're connected to (connections per torrent) is in essence a POTENTIAL download slot. Of those, typically only maybe 1/2 to 1/8th will upload to you at any given moment. It is random because they have limited upload slots and jump around on who they are uploading to -- as are you. Your client, µTorrent, makes requests to almost every peer/seed it's connected to for pieces of the torrent -- and is only hoping to get replies from them. Only on extreme torrents like openoffice can replies be expected from a large majority of the peers/seeds on it.

If anything, what you're wanting is for µTorrent to quit making as many file piece requests (per second?) once your download limit is already reached. I believe it already does that to a degree, but it doesn't back off so far that your download speed is likely to drop much if any.

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