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Adding torrents take too long


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After restarting my computer for the first time in months i ran into some problems with uTorrent. Everything is somewhat sorted, except the issue of torrents taking forever to load into the uTorrent program. It doesn't matter if I use magnets or load torrents from my hdd by double clicking. However, if I drag them into uTorrent they are added instantly.


There are no other issues with speed or connectivity. I realize this may not be a uTorrent problem, but I hope someone perhaps can point out a solution, as I prefer using magnet downloads. All dat files were reset at restart

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Well, 46552 is the latest 3.5.5  stable (not sure how to download it now since 3.6 beta is out... ).

Regardless, I suggest to check your Windows file association (default programs) and maybe try to de-associate it in the OS, and use utorrent pref->general to associate it again?



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