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New Problem Getting Pro setup


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I've finally managed to get the last Pro I've paid for downloaded.  And it looks like I might be done with it if I could enter the license key that  they sent as an attachment. 

But the key is within a file called ".btkey" and I don 't know how to open it to read the key I have  to enter.  I tried doing something to just enter the file but not working anything out. I also tried using a couple of apps that are supposed to "read" hundreds of file types.  But all I see when trying to open .btkey is useless gibberish. 

It has always been usual for me to pay for something I download, and then it's simply a matter to enter the supplied key.  Why all this bs with a special something I have to open???

I seem to be missing something. What is it?

Please anyone any ideas?

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