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umm i just want to where that .bit lazy thingy file is the one you are suppose to type true? look i'm really new to all of this u torrent port forwarding bit limiting stuff. but i have major problems with my utorrent client.

1- i can only dl at a speed of (avg.) 13.2kBs

2- my upload is always at the max, which is 50kBs

3-there are at leasat 3-6 seeds at all times

4- some peers i connect to but my thing wont dl or upload i have no clue what my client is doing with these coneections.(really confused)

5- my firewalls and everything is fine, i have no clue what port ofrwarding is, and what static ip is even though i followed all the steps with port fowarding and static ip. i still don't know what they are. i even used that optimising tool thingy from the mini speed guide.

6- i'm using wireless internet, from cogeco. i have a modem, a router and my wireless can do 22Mbps, which i have no clue how much that is.

7- since all of this is going wrong i have been using bT engine for the past 2 days, it helped increase my speed by 2kBps, which is sstill useless, but increased my upload to 70kBps which i have no clue how that happened since it's set to 50k max.

some help would be nice, i'm really having a bad time with u torrent right now but i have to use it cuz it uses a lot less space and virutal memery on my pc. so pls help me out guys.

ps: i wonder if someone can tell me what physical memories are? my pc runs on xp but has been crashing ever since i have utorrent. it's that blue screen saying it's dumping my physical memory to my hard disk?? then the space left in my c drive is down 1 Gb. lol........ sooo.....iono what the hell happened there.

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hahha o......kkkkkkkk pla explain what adsl is? asdl?adsl? sry i have no clue what that is. and how can i find out? and what is "peer.lazy_field" ?

Merged double post(s):

i can do 3.9 mbps/ 471 kilobytes per second by searching speedtest

on cogeco speed test i do

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-08-14 11:59:31 EST:

5266 / 314

Your download speed : 5266 kbps or 658.3 KB/sec.

That is 26% worse than an average user on cgocable.net

Your upload speed : 314 kbps or 39.2 KB/sec.

That is 48.9% worse than an average user on cgocable.net

*************pls explain to me what that means?****************

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Please get out of the habit of using *bps/*Bps designations.

Use *Byte/sec (which is what uT displays in) and *Bit/Sec (the larger number on the speed tests)

As for your question about being the max you can do.

OpenOffice Torrents for Testing

Slackware Torrents for more Testing

If your speeds are slow on these two sets of torrents, your ISP is fucking with stuff.

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