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utorrent not working once again

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I'm getting a red circle, it says i need to open a port even though the port is open. When i do the check, it says that it isn't forwarded correctly, even though i followed the directions on portforward.com exactly. Upload speeds go up to around 18kB/s and dowload speeds are around 0kB/s to .4kB/s and it never goes higher than that.

here are the specs:

ISP: AT&T yahoo

Router: 2WIRE 1800HG

No firewalls

Forwarded on port 41557

DHT Network Enabled

Windows XP SP2

It used to download with peaks of over 100kB/s even with the red circle.

Now it does not download.

help me bros.

Btw i do have a static IP set up, but i'm not so sure if i set it up correctly.

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