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i only get 3kbs/s max speed


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there are a variety of reasons that cause slow upload or download speeds, you do not give much information on what you have set up and do not even mention if that speed is upload or download speed, so it is a bit difficult to help without knowing a bit more

1 have you read the different posts on site about speed problems with suggestion on how to set up your Utorrent client

2 Is that speed downloading/uploading one torrent only? or is that a speed on a torrent when you have several torrents downloading at once?

3 what type of internet connection do you use?

4 Do you use a router? is there more than one computer using the same internet connection? If so, have you set up a static IP and port forwarded your router?

5 If this is download speed, is the torrent you are downloading well seeded compared to the number of leechers?

I'm sure if you do a bit of reading in the forum on the subject you will find answers to why you might be getting poor upload/download speeds, if not provide a bit more information and the members here and staff will be more able to help you.

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Given the bare minimum information you're giving me, I've come to the conclusion that your problems are caused by the electric current that's keeping your heart beating jumping into the keyboard and frying something.

Unless you offer real and useful information relevant to your issues, we can't exactly give you accurate solutions.

@silverfire: lol happy?

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you guys have provided as much useful information as he did, you both forgot what it is like to be new at this stuff :(

I know...I'm just a member ..a nobody...but still my opinion is this.........if 100 people ask the same question...make the same mistake in providing not enough information.....it might be quite tiring for a moderator ..yes (being one on another site, I know that is sometimes discouraging to answer the same questions).....but it also means that these people don't know something..or that something is more difficult to grasps for some people ...if nobody ever tells them different ..teaches them, helps them........well then you will get those 100 people continually making those same kinds of mistakes...instead of them learning and helping the next 100 people who make those same mistakes. I figure if you do your best to help when you think you might know how to solve their problem, well then they might just solve it and then help someone else, and that person they help will not be asking you that same question, and/or making that same mistake.

if you guys are smart..then help others instead of putting them down, I'm not smart, I'm sure I don't know half of what both of you do...but I'm an old lady and I know a few little things that I learned along the way, mostly cause I read lots and lots of answers given to other people in forums such as this one, and sometimes I asked pretty stupid questions and got help which solved things I could not solve myself

sorry...just think it serves no useful purpose to any member using Utorrent those two comments quoted

I apologize if I am out of line voicing my opinion regarding those two particular quotes, sometimes old women are like that

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Just because 100 people ask the same question doesn't mean we're not providing enough information. I've quite simply linked to the setup guide at least 50 times already (likely more than 100), and it's helped many people -- the problem is that many people aren't reading hard enough. Even if it's not the case, we aren't psychic, so we honestly can't work with one line. If you're asking for help, the least you can do is tell people *something* relevant, not just make them play guessing games. I may sound cynical here, but seriously, there are plenty of posts around the forums already about this kind of issue, and they provide models by which other people can ask for help as well. As for the 2 quotes, that was inadvertent, as I just copied, pasted, submitted, and closed -- that's all it was meant to be, a quick edit.

Anyway, I've linked to this post many times, as well as the setup guide I linked to earlier, if looking around the forums has been any indication (which should be what someone does when they first join anyway, and is clearly in the rules).

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this is only my 2nd post to this forum (the 1st was looking for a solution to a real problem).

i apologize for my candor - you 2 (ultima and silverfire) have missed the old lady's point.....

the fact is, there's a lot of noobes out here (and more by the day), and most don't have common sense. guess what? that's why they're posting in a forum....

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