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new user help required please


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Can anyone advise if it is possible to select a different completed location for each individual file, a torrent group I use is v strict on ratios but will not allow uploads, the only way to keep ratio is to continue seeding downloads which is okay except I have a number of tv series which I need to catalogue for use with our media server which allows us to watch downloads on tv or home cinema, as it is I am having to duplicate my files in order to catalogue as well as continue seeding, the ability to have a file download straight to its final destination ie t:\[specifics removed]\[specifics removed]\[specifics removed] or t:\[specifics removed]\[specifics removed]\[specifics removed] depending upon file being downloaded at the time would be ideal and would allow me to seed files indefinately while not eating up valuable drive space.

If you could also advise if I can also rename the file without also breaking the link seeding this would be gratefuly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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