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Yellow triangle and slow speed.


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I have been trying for a long time trying to get this set up. It seems like I can not keep the green symbol. I have got it a couple of times just for a brief minute. and before you ask yes my port is open. I have no firewall software, I have also done the portforward procedure. i think I am missing some sort of option because even when I was green i could not get anything to download faster than 1.0kB/s and I know I am going faster than that. My internet package is 1.0Mbps/256Kbps. No matter which speed i chose in the speed guide it does not make a difference. Can anyone help me with what I am doing wrong in my set up. I have read and reread the setup guide many many times. My system is running XP. If I am forgetting any info just ask and i will provide it. And yes i have tried the office torrent that is recommended and that is not making any difference.


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Are you using XP Pro SP1 or SP2? You said you don't have any software firewall, but the XP built-in firewall is on? If so, try to delete and then re-add the rule for µtorrent. If this is not a solution either, try to shutdown the firewall and see how is working.

Did you made some speed tests? What are the upload speed values?

Did you tried to download a file (at least 8MB) through your browser? What speed did you obtained?

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I am running XP SP2. Yes it has a firewll but I have disabled it. I have done a speed test. My upload speed is 135 Kbps . I have done the test torrent. The office one that is recommended on the set-up guide page. The highest download rate I could get was 1.0kB/s

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"It seems like I can not keep the green symbol."

I read from your description that you have the green symbol but it goes into yellow after a while! If that is the case then at least your portforwarding is okay and you have NO firewall issues.

However since you only getting this slow speed even on the "testtorrent" i guess you have choosen the totally wrong values in your setup and therefor saturating your line with traffic overhead and such.

if you are sure about your internet UP(!)loadspeed, then press CTRL+G in µT and choose in the dropdownmenue the value 128.

this will choose optimal values for torrenting with good downloadspeeds!

Don't be greedy, using higher setting values when it comes to Bittorrent will NOT give better speeds!

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hmmm... your download/upload ratio speed s pretty good, it should max out.. it looks to me like your isp is throtling your bittorrent... or maybe the port is blocked, but u say it's green.. try the mini guide first, also try turning on the encryption, and if needed, try forced mode, it might help..

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hi all,

I am using a 220x beetle modem (ADSL2 type) . I have been able to forward the port 35345(that is what i am using for my utorrent).

I have windows XP without sp2 and firewall enabled on my computer.

I still get the yellow triangle and after sometimes a red sign.

Also i get the following messages:

[21:57:53] UPnP: Discovered new device:

[21:57:53] UPnP: Mapped port 35345 ->

But the problem is that when i try the port forward checker:

It always shows that there is an error and the port has not been forwarded.

Now i am unable to understand as to where the problrm lies. i.e. with the modem or with my widows firewall. I have also tried disableing the firewall but that does not work either. I still get the message: port not forwarded.

Please help.



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