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Download Speed Slow


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I know this has probably been posted a million times and im sorry but im new at this and could really do with some help.

i have 4Mb NTL cable broadband in the uk.

i am accessing this with a 54mbps wireless card to the router thats about 10 ft away.

i ran a test at DSLreports and got this:

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-09-24 20:31:45 EST:

1500 / 120

Your download speed : 1500 kbps or 187.5 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 120 kbps or 15.1 KB/sec.

im only getting download speeds of less than 20 KB/sec

and my uploads are at 45 KB/sec ish

i know my connection is better than this, so how can i get my full potential?

i ran the port forwarding check aswell and that was successfull.

i dont really understand the guides and stuff so if anyone can help me get my speeds up i would be most grateful



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How are you testing your connection? Are there any other computers using the internet at the time? If so, you have to shut them off, disconnect them, or get them to stop using the connection -- easier to just shut them off. Are you using the internet for any other reason while testing? If so, don't, and stop all applications from using the internet besides the browser to allow it to do the testing.

Pick a testing mirror closer to Britain if you can.

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Does DSL report even have UK mirrors, lmao. Take note that the web IS a web (wow, who would've thought). You rarely have direct connections to a server elsewhere in the world, or even a country. For the UK to connect to the US, you might have to go through one or two other countries, and many more 'hops' (servers within those countries, usually one per city it has to go through). At any of those 'pit stops', a your data transmission rate can slow down (bottlenecking), or your data packet could get corrupted.

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