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Accessing WebUI through a VLAN over Internet


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Hello everyone!

I've been testing around with the WebUI feature a bit during the last few days and i gotta say i like it a lot since it seems to give you a really mighty remote control for your uTorrent. But instead of getting access to the WebUI from static local IP adresses (which works pefectly :) it would be more interesting for me to access the WebUI through an encrypted VLAN over the internet. Currently i've been 'working' with Hamachi which is a very easy to use VLAN tool, but i couldn't get any closer to the WebUI then getting the naughty "invalid request" message :/ I've configured the "Himachi-IP" of the guest computer to be allowed on uTorrent and watched the ports on TCPView (netstat gui from sysinternals.com) to check if the right requests would appear. It showed the right Hamachi-IP and the right port, but as i mentioned above just ended up showing the invalid request message. I know STunnel is recommended to access the WebUI through the internet, nonetheless i'd just like to know if anybody has experiences with Hamachi or comparable tools!?

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Actually i got it working now. I am not sure why it wasn't working yesterday, but it might be something related to the good old "you have to restart windows three times for a network to run properly"-bug ;) Another thing is that i had to reset the username/password twice until they were set correctly (without that the requesting username/password-dialog kept on popping up in firefox) and i had to edit the restricted IPs a bit (whitespace after the commas cause problems, don't they?). Actually i can't describe the bug with the username/password-resetting any further or tell you how to reproduce it since i really configured around too much to give exact descriptions of the situation. But well after all it might be interesting for some to know that using the WebUI with Hamachi works! I for one am very happy to have found that out :)

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Ok I did a quick review without too much fooling around (especially with different versions of webui/utorrent, hamachi, browser. But still my conclusion is that the Virtual Hamachi Network connection seems to be working as any other ethernet connection.

utorrent 1.6.1 BETA (build 481)

Hamachi version

Firefox (Mine & my Hamachi Friend)

Starting situation:

* Hamachi Installed but not running.

* Hamachi Virtual Network card reports as Disabled

Has Client for MS Networks, NWlink IPX, NWlink NetBios, TCP/IP enabled

* utorrent installed, webui installed, utorrent running.

* Webui tested and working on localhost and normal network card (including over the internet from work)

Starting Hamachi:

Hamachi logged into my default network and appears operational

Hamachi Network card now reports Connected

IP address has been assigned.

Ping on Hamachi IP address working.

Testing webui on Hamachi local IP adress:

webui working Login without problems, interface fully operational... (didn't even have to restart utorrent)

Disabled Hamachi:

webui reported "The request to utorrent has timed out." after less the 30 seconds.

Remote testing:

Reenabled Hamachi

Asked a friend on my Hamachi network to try my webui on my Hamachi IP

He got the loginscreen and was able to login without problems.

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