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browser timeouts on uTorrent computer, TCPIP already patched


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I have 4 computers running in my house, with one server running uTorrent happily on a 2M ADSL.

My speeds are great, and usually I maintain 70-80% bandwidth use (Both up and down). All my other computers can browse the web just fine, except for the server computer running utorrent.

I've researched this issue and most answers point to patching SP2's TCPIP to more than 10 concurrent connections - which I have done (it now sits at 65535).

However, I'm still having no luck. Downloading at 190k (about 220k total bandwidth), my server computer can't reach ANY websites. Not sporadically, but none at all, while other computers in the house does just fine. I'm running on a pretty heavy duty router so I know that's not the problem (since also the other computers work fine).

What else can I try?

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