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Share Ratio...Huh?!


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If my share ratio is set to stop a seed after 200%, then why (according to uTorrent) do I end up uploading gigabytes and gigabytes of a file that's only 300MB? Someone please explain to me what exactly a share ratio is and why I seem to be uploading way more than I download.


P.S.: I also have a friend who is set for <= 200% or <= 72 Hours and some of his completed torrents show a share ratio above 3.0... What is up with that?

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You can count in precentage or ratios (if that's what it's called). So, 100%=1 and 200% equals 2.

If you seed to 100%, you seed the same amount that you have downloaded and 200% is then the double.

But using the autostop in µtorrent, you can set a ratio and when the ratio is reached, the torrents stops or gets speed limits.

I think the function is very useful and I use it to have better control over my torrents. I have it set to 200% with a 15 kB/s limit. So once I have seeded a torrent it frees up speed for the other torrents.

The hour thing is just a way to overide your settings. You want to stop/limit the torrent at 200%, but you need uploaded torrents to be seeded for 48 hours. Thus, µtorrent ignores the 200% limit for the first 48 hours. Piece of cake! :D

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