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I'm having this same problem, when i first started using utorrent about 1 1/2 months ago almost everything i downloaded would be at speeds above 10, and if it wasnt id just leave it on while i was at work, and when i came home it would be 100% done, but it rarely reaches speeds above 5 now, and mosty stays at 0 even though it might have 5 seeds connected, and if something does have a speed of say 5 i will leave for a few hours thinking it might get better or finish, but everytime i leave and come back everything im downloading is no longer downloading

i did not change any settings or install any new software??? i'm confused

I have unlimited usage/bandwith i have (Cable) Roadrunner through Time Warner


I used the Patched TCPIP.SYS file as well as doing some of the other things in Ultima's sig, and it seems to have helped quite a bit with speeds and increased the # of seeds connected for now anyway, i'll have to give it some time to see how much it helped overall though, and make sure it doesnt keep stopping on me like before

Thanks Ultima

still strange how it started doing this all of a sudden though...?

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well... if I'm a big movie studio (Warner) and I know that BT is used to "steal" my films, wouldn't I try to make it at least for those guys harder to "steal" from me when they use my own network?

I guess I would do everything I could if I would be a studio.


So mrcockrell, if you have problems getting good speeds on your open source creative commens legal torrents, you might want to set the following after making sure the general settings are right for your uploadspeed of course!

under "Preferences" -> "BitTorrent" set the ProtocolEncryption to forced and uncheck the allow legacy box next to it! This way Warner can at least not filter/block/throttle based on the BT traffic.

And maybe it is a good idea to stop using Roadrunner in case you are not the 100% copyrightlaw abaiding person! you wouldn't buy/sell crack from/to a known police officer would you, so why are you buying internet from a known rightsholder?! :-P

(and remember it starts with breaking international copyrightlaw and ends in selling crack and running over schoolkids with your car)


Edit: typos and "Weird Al" link :-)

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