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A lot of Seeds and Peers, but download speed remains low


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I have used bittorrent for a very very long time. Just have a look at this :

21 out of 5312 seeds connected, 5 out of 3286 peers connected. Download speed <10kB

-I have already forwarded my port. ( confirmed through speed guide )

-I never had this problem before only until a week ago.

-Using the OpenOffice torrent I can only max out 20kB. My connection is 512/256 kbps.

-I am aware that my ISP does bandwidth throttling and I thought Protocol Encryption would do the trick.

-Direct download speeds max out at 60kB.

It seems that something is preventing me from connecting to peers. It connects me to more seeds instead, making me having a low upload ratio, and hence lower download speeds.

Can someone help me out?

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