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Wildcards in "Restrict access to..."?


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Hi everyone. Sorry if someone's asked about this before, but I couldn't see any thread about it.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to allow wildcards, or to specify a range for the "Restrict accesss to the following IPs" option?

Thanks a lot, and awesome work!

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I'm trying unsuccessfully to limit access to webui to my local network.

I'm entering the the IP range in the format as follows:

I'm trying to access it from and I keep getting an "invalid request" page.

When I change the "restrict IP" setting to the following, I can access the webui OK.

Am I not using the correct format for specifying an IP range? I've searched the forums and Google but haven't seen any examples of how to input it.


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Yah, CIDR. Very unexpected... I'm surprised (almost?) no one else close to ludde knew about this either (again, myself included), and that the answer came from adambot as his first and only (very valuable) contribution to the forums.

I suggested the "usual" xx.xx.xx.xx-yy.yy.yy.yy ranges to the devs, but they didn't actually respond, so I'm not sure what they think of it.

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