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Not connecting to seeds.


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Ok, Ive been using torrents for a long time and all of a sudden, I cannot connect to seeds. At all. Even with 2000 seeds and 10,000 peers in the swarm, I cannot connect to seeds. And of the peers I connect to, nothing is downloaded.

This may help with diagnosing the problem, although this is quite bizarre too. I downloaded McAfee VirusScan PLUS 2007 (as a torrent), uninstalled norton antivirus 2002, and installed this McAfee AV. Seemed to install ok as I could navigate through the program and do virus scans, disk cleanups etc. But then the next time I start the computer up, it seems to think my copy of windows is not genuine and from this point on, I cannot connect to seeds.

Ive since uninstalled McAfee and managed to revalidate my copy of windows, but still no luck with the torrents. So I'm not sure whats up, perhaps my McAfee disk cleanup got rid of something I needed or there was a virus within the McAfee i downloaded (doubtful).

Anyway, any help on this matter would be great, couldnt find anything of this nature in the FAQ. Oh and yes, the ports are forwarded.


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