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Torrent Integrity Failure


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I recently was downloading 172 files all as part of one 58GB torrent. I didn't realize until the last minute that it was going to be about 3gb bigger than the harddrive it was downloading onto. So, I moved six of the files onto another drive. I didnt realize that this was going to cause a problem when I tried to resume downloading. It told me that files were missing. I put the files back and it still told me that they were missing.

It wasnt until I found force re-check that it let me continue downloading, but three of the six files (which had previously been at 100%, now only show at 0%). The puzzle is that these files play just fine and are still the way that they were before I moved them.

-I've tried setting the priority to high to see if it would try to download and discover that the file is actually complete. Instead it just starts overwritting the data that's already there. These are all video files, so its just basically replacing chunks of frames that are already there. I'm assuming that utorrent would continue to do this until it got back to 100%, but this would be 2x the downloading for me.

Does anyone know why it won't re-incorporate all of the files? Is this some kind of error that can happen with the hash for the torrent? Regardless of whether or not it re-downloads the file, I will always have the completed videos, but it can't upload data that it doesn't mark as available for other users.

If you have any input, or want any clarifications, please let me know!

You can always IM me - Chintue on Yahoo Messenger

Has anyone else had this kind of integrity problem before?

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Is this bit shift known by any other name? I'd like to read about how or when this happens. I'd also like to try and study this phenomenon to see if any of my harddrives do it more than the others. (I'd use a test and transfer it back and forth)

Please advise.



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