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Bringing files to an existing torrent


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I'm downloading a torrent that's stuck with several peers at 92%.

Meanwhile, I found the files for the download somewhere else. I now have 100% of the files for the torrent. The new files satisfy the md5 check for the torrent I'm trying to download. I'm pretty certain I have the exact files I'm trying to download.

My question is, how do I get uTorrent to recognize that I now have 100% of the download so I can start seeding the stuck torrent? When I copy the files into the download directory and restart uTorrent, it still has me in download mode with 92% of the material. Is there a way I can get it to look at the data in the directory and change its thought about how I'm doing?

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I'm using uTorrent 1.6. I don't find the "Force Recheck" right-click option anywhere: not on the list of torrents I'm working with in the main window, and not on any of the files in the "Files" tab.

What particular thing do I need to right-click on to get the "Force Recheck" function?

Merged double post(s):

I'm sorry: I found it. I had to stop the torrent, and then the force recheck option appeared on the right-click menu.


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