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µTorrent should show as the name of the executable which is utorrent.exe unless you renamed it (or use a beta with a version number in the filename).

Btw if I google zapro26.exe I get all these Arabic sites or crack websites. Sounds like something fishy. Are you running a decent Virus Scanner with the latest definitions? Do a HD scan.

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Ah, Now I see what's up...

It's NOT a virus, you paranoid people you :)

My computer is being constantly watched by numerous security-programs... A total virussweep once a week...

If it were a virus, I would've been warned. Just to be on the safe-side however, I swept again... nothing wrong going on...

I must have downloaded the standalone, and accidentally renamed that. Lord knows why...

My µtorrent started from the place where I put the downloaded executable...

Just now downloaded a new version, deleted the old one and installed the new...

Now it shows up as utorrent.exe, like it should.



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