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Interesting problem, running utorrent as a local service


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Hi guys, here´s whats happening to me:

I run utorrent as a servicie, but as "local service", so no matter wich user logs into this computer, the client is always on and working ;). The problem is when i tried to install webui I cant find the settings.dat file for the local system user. I found the settings file under %appdata%/utorrent, but that one is my own user´s settings, the webui worked if i run the program as a normal user, but theres no way it will run as local service, since it doesn´t have the webui.zip

How can i move the settings.dat folder???



-Question the answers-

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Yeah, IT IS THE WAY, I took my time to post this, but few minutes after i posted the first message i did that, copied the contents of the settings folder to the utorrent folder including also webui.zip

The cool thing is a set up the service not to interact with users, so nobody can see it except from the webui!!

WEBUI IS AWESOME, i´ve been waiting to use it since i read it was in private testing...

Thanks guys for you help!

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SRVANY.EXE worked fine for me, but i found an app wich does the job easier "FireDaemon Service Manager"(got it from Demonoid) you can install any program as a service, and you can set up all the usual service configuration.

I set utorrent to be a system service by not asigning it to any user

Then i unchecked the "interact with desktop" option so its invisible to users

You should use start "automatic" and upon program exit "restart the program"

The program is mostly intuitive, you´ll figure out for sure, theres also many other options wich i dont use. Hope this helps...

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