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crash after port forward


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Hi, I have just followed the tutorial on port forwarding my router in the hope to get a little faster dl. Although simple, I followed the tute to the letter and everything went perfectly until my restart. Instantly speed was increasing, and then suddenly blue screen of death. After that comp would restart and right after msn loaded another bsod and restart again, I restarted in safe mode, undid the port forward and havent had a crash since.

It might be worth mentioning that before I did the port forward, my system would crash randomly whilst running utorrent, and once I was quick enough to be able to read the message "IRC_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_TO" or something similar. I always attributed this to my firewall which is nvidia. Before port forward I uninstalled the firewall.

Portforward causes the crash before utorrent has been run.

I am using a d-link dsl-504t router.

I am thinking about a format, but would love an easier solution.

Cheers all in advance

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