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Passkey problem


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Hi, im not english so .. ^^

i receive this tracker status : Connection limit exceeded! Your Passkey has possibly been leaked. The tracker use passkeys to identify more then 1 ID on the same IP (ex: for LAN setting). I use utorrent 1.6 build 474. So, i want to know where is the mistake and how i can fix it . Some time, when the tracker is refreshing, the tracker status change for a weird message that sound like that : Tracker sending invalid data ..../d ....[d] Division by zero ... Not responding. But i download and upload very well ... even with these both tracker status by the download is slow even with lot of seeds. Also, when i finish seeding or downloading a torrent, its dont upgrade my stats dl/up in my profile of this tracker :(

Someone can help me???

Thnx in advance.

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