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Good wireless router for use with torrents


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I have had two wireless routers now, both linksys, and both of them had terrible problems with too many connections (they both crashed after a few hours and only pulling the plug helped :(). You also have a very extensive list of bad routers for torrents on your website, but unfortunately no list of good torrents. So i would like to know if anyone knows a good wireless router for use with torrents?

I have been thinking about getting ASUS WL-500g premium - it even has an built in bittorrent client. Is it any good?

Thanks, Ivan.

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Thanks a lot DreadWingKnight!

I have been using WRT54GL with Thibor firmware for two weeks now and I didn't have any problems whatsoever yet!

(I had some problems with streaming video from one computer to another with original firware (probably due to unstable wireless connection), but after updating to Thibor connection has become rock solid and much more powerful (for example: I am getting 36mbps, where I was getting 24mbps with original firmware)).

It is indeed a great router! My journey for a good router has finally ended (after 6 month and 4 routers ... :)).


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