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Feature for CPU utilization


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I've tried them all and Utorrent is really the best Torrent program out there, but there's one problem with all of them including Utorrent. The problem is when starting torrents for 5-10 mins it shows 3-5 percent CPU utilization on a fast system with 4gigs of RAM, but it breaks up any media playback like listening to music during that time. I'd be happy to trade performance for an option to not interfere with any other programs like causing music to break up. I've tried Winamp, Media player, and a host of other MP3 players in hopes on could hold on and keep playing music during the initial download time of 5 mins or so with any torrent, no matter how big or small.

I really wish Utorrent would add an option so the performance would never take over the system and break live playback like music, movies, etc. I'd pay extra since there's no other torrent program that doesn't have this problem also, they all break up any music you're playing. Torrents are big files and take a long time to download, so if it took an extra few minutes to download, but didn't completely break up anything you're doing it would be a huge help, and the only program not to do this. I just feel that limiting the CPU use so it can't take the system over and break up media playback would be much more important than outright performance.

I've tried all the MP3 players, literally every one and they all have the same problem when starting out a new torrent. Also I don't blame Utorrent, otherwise it's superior to any of the other torrent programs out there. I would also like to see being able to peek inside rar files as so many of them use that format. I just wish there was an option for performance versus background use, since most of us use the program in the background and blazing speed initializing the torrent isn't as big a deal as being able to use the computer in the meantime. I'm going to have to build a seperate system to run this program because it's so annoying to not be able to listen to music the first 5-10 minutes of starting any torrent download.

I sell software for a living so I know a little about it, and how someone complaining about a feature is a pain in the butt. For this one thing though, I really think people would find it useful. Many of us listen to music or movies or do things like games where the CPU breaking up is a huge deal. I see it's not the music players as I've tried them all, and even with other torrent programs, the same thing happens. You start a download and all the sound or anything realtime breaks up at the beginning and during the download. Also at random times it breaks out no matter what media player is used, it's just very frustrating to know it could happen at any second. Again, I'd pay for a Pro version where this is an option, I really would.

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