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I have been using µtorrent for a little bit, and it wasn't until I got a new hard drive and reinstalled W2K that things happened. Now I get a yellow light for the first few minutes and then turns red. 15min after it turns red, all the torrents drop down to either 0kb/s or 0.1kb/s. Either way, the peer list shows no "real" data being transfered. Then if let sit for hours, it will only occasionally allow upload speed to about 10kb/s. Download speeds stay at 0kb/s. Also when the speeds drop, my internet connection turns slow. I have to stop->refresh many times until the page loads. This is fixed by a restart of the computer. µtorrent is fixed by that too, until it is run again for 15min. I was looking on these forms for info on this, and I haven't seen a exact duplicate problem, so this is why I posted. I did have ZA free, but after seeing all the problems, I uninstalled it and went with Comodo Free. The problem didn't change. I went through the firewall, router and µtorrent settings like in the guides and still haven't seen a change. The only things I haven't(but am) done is to try connecting the computer directly to the DSL modem. The router I have is a Linksys BEFSR41 v3. I have changed every possible port forward spot to include µtorrent without any success. I followed the setup guide, disabled ip resolving, DHT, UPnP, lowered max connections, changed halfopen, and restarted many times. Is there any other info anyone might need to help? I have tested Allpeers for firefox, which seems to work, so it seems it could be a port problem.The logs of Comodo show it isn't blocking any of my ports for µtorrent.

EDIT:After hooking the computer directly to the modem, I didn't even have an internet connection.:/ So µtorrent definitely didn't work. I probably needed to change some settings, but it might be my computer too.

EDIT2:oh, btw, it's not just µtorrent, none of my bittorrent standalone clients work.

EDIT-AGAIN:I booted off a linux live cd and used azureus(which was another client I used in windows alongside µtorrent which also didn't work)It didn't complain of any problems. The ip was the same( and all lights were green. It looks like a windows network problem. Any suggestions?

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xx/192k(dsl speed test said 181/194 Kbps)

32459 as port(test says not working, but it is forwarded in router.)

EDIT: I've been looking at other forums, and it seems my nforce 410/430 onboard ethernet could be causing the problem.(This was what was added along with the re-install of W2K) Any ideas? I am looking into this more.

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