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Again: Download vs upload ratio ?


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Previously I already asked this question in this forum.

Some told me to read the FAQ and moved my posting to the trash.

This was not very helpful.

I ALREADY READ THE FAQ but did not found an answer for this question !

For example I search on the FAQ web page for the keyword "bandwidth" and did not found an answer.

I searched for the keyword " ratio "

The only topic I found were

"2.35 How is the share ratio shown for torrents that are started fully complete"

and this topic didn't answer my question as well.

So please don't tell me "Read FAQ" if there is no answer in it!!!

At least you should have mentioned the section number which should answer my question!

For all other (more friendly) people in this forum I would like to repeat

my question and would appreciate if somecould answer it:

If I limit the maximum possible upload rate to lets say 5 KB/s (from 10)

is the maximum possible download rate lowered as well automatically?

What is the ratio of download/upload rates?

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If you set your upload max slower than 6 KB/sec, the download max is reduced to 6 times your upload max.

So that rules out any other meaningful changes in download as a result of reducing upload at such slow speeds.

However, if you are uploading very close to your line's upload max then your download speed may suffer immensely from it as the requests for more downloads (SYN ACKs) is lost/dropped packets due to upload overload. The other side never hears "send more!" and so slows way down waiting for a reply/request for more. That's the nature of TCP/ip networking.

When considerably below your line's upload max, reducing upload speed max in µTorrent further will usually result in a drop of download speed -- ESPECIALLY on torrents with few seeds and low availability.

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