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...Strange speed problem? (Already checked Ultima's guide)


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My download speeds seem to capped at an average of 20-30kbp/s. The strange part is that a torrent (like the linux distros with dedicated seeders) get good speeds but EVERY other torrent will get slow speed. I get connected to enough peers (Around 200) but my speed just sits are under 30kbp/s. I don't think that it is the swarm because I have tried torrents which have a VERY high ratio of seeds:peers and a high number of seeds and I still get the same speeds. Also, if it was the swarm would some torrents go faster and some go slower? Here's a link to what my uTorrent looks like.

I've followed all the instructions here.

I've read the speed guide.

My settings all seem correct, ie; no NAT errors, upload speed tweaked, trackers working etc so torrents say that everything is perfect.

I have tried:

- Disabling IP Resolve

- Disabling DHT (and restarted)

- Disabling UPnP

- Lowering the global maximum number of connections to 50, 100 and 200.

- Lowering net.max_halfopen to 4

- Restarting my router

- Patched TCPIP.SYS and restarted the computer after patching

My software:

Windows XP SP2

ZoneAlarm Pro version 6.5.737.000

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0

ISP is Xtra

DSL connection


Here's an Australian speed test (much closer to New Zealand)

Your current bandwidth reading is:

1.97 Mbps

which means you can download at 252.64 KB/sec. from our servers.

My hardware:

Router: XH7916 - DSE ADSL Router

1gb Ram

2.4ghz Dual Core CPU (so 2x 2.4ghz cpus)

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium mobo

Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance!

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The torrent that you showed has excessive hashfails. It is likely poisoned, or there is a serious issue with your connection causing hashfails. The availability suggests the torrent is very unlikely to be a fake. You do not appear to be having any problems connecting to seeds and peers as shown by the picture.

As you have already tried, you definitely don't need to be connecting to more than 100 global connections and 100 connections per torrent -- as your download+upload speeds are limited, and each connection costs some bandwidth.

Your upload bandwidth seems rather limited, so you're probably needing to use the xx/128k setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) or even slower.

Have you enabled Peer Exchange? It shouldn't hurt anything, and may help slightly on torrents with few seeds/peers.

Have you tried checking allow additional upload slots if upload speed <90%? That may at least keep your upload speed maxed out and may also allow for quicker finding of peers that will upload faster back to you.

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additional info regarding hashfails

status says that the torrent is not even registered (anymore?) with the tracker at that time.

Makes the FAKE posibility even higher

and you are aware that your ISP is throttleing p2p traffic?!!

They call it traffic management! :-P


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@xxVertigoxx: If it's working fine for the Linux distributions and the OpenOffice.org torrents, and you indeed have configured everything properly, then the problem likely lies with the torrents you're downloading.

As a side note... I must say "thank you" for being among the few people who actually read my thread in its entirety, and actually provided the information being asked for :)

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Thanks for all of the help guys :) I'm putting it down to torrents being bad (damn leechers) and Xtra being a shitty ISP. Thanks for all the help guys :) Anybody know how I could get around Xtra throttling my Bittorrent? I'm not using the default ports (thought it would help), I'm using 6113.

PS: No prob Ultima, I can imagine how annoying people who don't read the guides then post threads like "HOW I MAKE TORRENTS GO FAST??" get pretty annoying.

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I can't tell from µtorrent-Guest's link whether Xtra is throttling, or simply applying QoS on the traffic. If it's simply QoS without throttling, then it might not even really be a problem. Somehow, I suspect the latter to be the case, since you can download quickly with several torrents...

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