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99.8% Stuck!


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Hi, I have a great problem!!!

I'm downloading a .torrent file, and two hours ago it was going fast as hell (like 157KB), know the downloading process is arrived at 99.8% and it stuck!

The download is active but it still doesn't download it! What can I do?

(I have a DSL connection but not a router)

Thanks for any suggestion


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I also have a torrent which gave up on 98.9%. It seems no peers had much more than that. One had 99.1 but I couldn't get it. There were 2 incomplete songs but neither would play at all, as if there was nothing there. Usually the downloaded parts will play.

Should I just forget about it?

What's stranger is that I only requested part of the torrent. It seems that seeders must have suddenly pulled out.

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I don't have a D-link router, or any other router with game mode DMZ.

I have never had a problem like this before, this is the first time.

(I have d/l a lot and for many years)

Of course I've been stuck at 99% before,(no seeders), but this is the first time when there's lots of seeders and I am connected to them too.

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