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Downloaded 120MB, File size 120MB, File check shows 8.2%??


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I am new to the bittorrent world and started with utorrent.

I am trying to download a 4.25GB file. Current disk usage of that download is 4.25GB. Pre-allocate disk space is NOT checked.

Picture attached. Files seem to be "complete" - at least as far as the size goes, but utorrent is showing only 24% total done, & each individual file varies.


If it helps, it is being tracked by demonoidtorrent.com

Torrent link is

[edit: link removed -V]

NB - I did originally have problems with using the same directory for new/completed etc files (like almost everyone on this forum) but have changed that now.

What am I doing wrong? Any assistance gratefully received.


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"Pre-allocate disk space" reserve diskspace for your downloads and decrease defragmentation. It most likely make an empty file at the exact size of a download when you add the torrent.
It seems as though with this disabled, it does this, anyways. Or, I guess the option is good for torrents that have not started yet.

It does it anyways..I just started like eight torrents equalling about ~18GB and my Z drive went from 35GB free to ~17GB.

From http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?t=1330

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Pre-allocate space, only pre-allocates everything at once when the torrent is started.

With this option off, when you receive a chunk, the space needed for the involved filenames is created at that time, so even if you have pre-allocate turned off, and start receiving chunks for a 4Gb file for example, that 4Gb file will be allocated.

What you are looking for is the 'sparse files' option, which will store the pieces out of order, and sort them out later.

Try enabling that in the advanced options and see what you get.

It will create more fragmentation on your drive, but if you don't care about that, µTorrent won't either.

-- Smoovious

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