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Que torrents one after another?


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my first post here, excuse me if it was asked b4 but atleast c'd not grab any info on this in search.

I was wondering if a download Torrent QUE can be managed anyway in utorrent. I normally leave my PC unattended for several hours & so i'd really like if i can que/schedule torrents to start one after the other is completed, like u have in Getright Automatic download.

I can't keep all torrents running at once as they choke each others bandwidth & at all nothing actually gets downloaded. So any hints/clues on how to do this.. This way i can que 5-6 torrents that complete ONE by ONE.

If in case its not possible for now can I schedule a torrent at around the time my current torrent is expected to complete - it'd be likely the same thing i require


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